Back when Crypto Assets were thought to be just a wacky idea by some dreamers, we dreamt right along with them. And as the Crypto Industry has risen in popularity, Bitcoin’s fundamentals have only grown stronger.

We believe Bitcoin will emerge as the reserve asset of the digital age and our mission is to support its network on this journey.

Bitcoin's rules-based monetary system is already being utilized to foster freedom and opportunity around the world. Our aim is to be part of this movement by donating a portion of each sale providing clothing to those in need. By purchasing our clothing you are also providing aid to others while showcasing the goodwill of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Clothing Company features collections that are all original artwork, designed by us for you. Through these designs, we strive to increase awareness of the positive development of this new digital frontier. Each product symbolizes an important aspect of the Bitcoin network and its emergence into history and culture.

Mission Statement

To provide high-quality apparel and accessories that truly capture the character of the Bitcoin community in a way that directly supports the development of the Bitcoin Infrastructure.

A portion of all sales are dedicated to providing clothing to those in need.